Andy Yin

PhD student

Department of Mathematics

Stanford University


Building 380 (Sloan Hall), 380-L

Stanford, California 94305


andyyin at stanford dot edu


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I am a PhD student in mathematics at Stanford University. My mathematical interests are in analysis and geometry. Currently, I am working in microlocal analysis, with a particular focus on the edge calculus.

I grew up in Canberra, Australia. I attended the Australian National University (ANU), also in Canberra, where I received a bachelor's degree with a major in mathematics, First Class Honours, and a University Medal. In 2021, under the supervision of Dr. James Tener, I wrote my Honours thesis on II1 subfactors, a topic in the theory of operator algebras. You can find a digital copy here.

I also have a side interest in quantum computing. During my undergraduate studies, I undertook two research projects in quantum computing under the supervision of Dr. Marcus Doherty at the ANU Research School of Physics. In February-July 2022, I worked for Quantum Brilliance, an Australian-German quantum computing hardware company.

I also write about popular science, mathematics, and my experiences as a graduate student. You can read my new writing on my blog.

I am a member of the Graduate Student Council (GSC) at Stanford, serving as co-Treasurer.